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Main Products

   Our Main Products

Wire Mesh Series
PVC Fence
Wire Mesh Fence
PVC Welded Wire Mesh
Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Chain Link Fence
Field Fence
T Fence Post
Concertina Wire
Gabion Box
Steel Grating
Fiberglass Mesh
Rib Lath
Hex Steel Metal
Gas Liquid Screen Mesh
Oil Pipeline Welded Wire Mesh
King Kong Mesh
Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt
Bird Spike
Loop Tie Wire
Anti-Wind Dust Mesh
Greenhouse Seedbed Planting Net
Barbed wire
FRP Grating
BBQ Grill Mesh
Metal Wire Series
Galvanized Iron Wire
Annealed Wire
PVC Wire
U Type Wire
Wire Mesh Machine Series
Welded Wire Mesh Machine
Field Fence Machine
Barbed Wire Machine
Concertina Wire Machine
Knife Pleating Machine
Chain link fence machine
Gabion mesh machine
Hexagonal wire mesh machine
Expanded metal mesh machine
Crimped wire mesh machine
Shuttless weaving machine
Automatic Sub-mesh, Off-mesh, Roll Mesh Machine

Welded Wire Mesh Machine

FRD20 Type Electric Welding Net Machine

Size of mesh (mm) 6.35-12.7 (1/4"-1/2")
Width (mm) 914.4-1219.2(12"-48")
Diameter of wire (mm) dia.0.45-dia.1.07 (BWG25-BWG19)
Biggest rolled net size (m) 120m (400')
Welding speed (mesh/minute) 75 (radia)
Power 380/220V
50KWA x 4
Outside size measurement (mm) 2350 x 1820 x 1700
FRD30 Type Electric Welding Net Machine
Peculiarity: Shuttle sending weft wire type, sending quicker, lower noise, more stable, save electricity.Used for welding net of big width. Wire diameter from 0.7mm to 1.07mm; mesh 1/4" to 1/2".
Size of mesh (mm) 6.35-12.7 (1/4"-1/2")
Width (mm) 1219.2-1828.8(48"-60")
Diameter of wire (mm) dia.0.74-dia.1.07 (BWG22-BWG19)
Biggest rolled net size (m) 120m (400')
Welding speed (mesh/minute) 48 (radia)
Power 380/220V
50KWA x 6
Outside size measurement (mm) 3050 x 1900 x 1750